As a part of the exhibition I created some ceramic necklaces inspired in different countries where I have studied the representation of the cross.

The first one is inspired on the Canary Islands “pintaderas”, those are small reliefs created in wood or clay which were used by the inhabitants of the islands previous to their conquest by Spain, we are talking before the discovery of America so more than 500 years ago…There is great mystery surrounding these symbols, since its not clear what they where really used for. Some think to mark their territory, their belongings or even to mark their body as some kind of tattoo decorations…
Canary island pintadera .
In any case, some of them had cross shapes as those you can see here, it is thought they were interpreting the shape of the sun and the stars…
The piece I created inspired in them was made with polymer ceramic, and semi- precious stones..

The next piece its inspire don the Ethiopian crosses, from them I have taken their geometric style and complicated structure . The inspiration comes from” La Libela”, a very outstanding area of Ethiopia where they have 11 churches built on the rock from the XI century These constructions form part of the world heritage..
La Libela World heritage, visited in 2006

Detail fo one of the 11 churches carved in the rock in LaLibela, Ethiopia
On the piece I created I have used Ceramic with some metallic color to hint at the colorful Ethiopian culture…
Polymer ceramic and semi-pretious stones

For the creation of the Dominican Republic piece I used as inspiration the drawings of the Tahinos tribes who inhabited the Caribbean Islands pervious to the conquest of the Americas.
There remains hundreds of interesting writings and drawings on caves where the Cross symbol is also present in many different versions..
Modern interpretation of the Tahinos cave paintings in Domenican republic.

This piece is created in ceramic and colored nacre which emphasizes the Caribbean temperament and culture.

The jewelry inspired in Egypt tries to show the sophistication and baroque style of the Copt churches decorations and its multiple color mosaics. These images belong to the hanging church in an emblematic area of Cairo called Coptic Cairo where centuries old churches pack together in a fantastic neighborhood worth seen
Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo, built on top of the ancient Babylonia wall

Glass work of the Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo.

These piece is created in ceramic, macramé and Swarosky glass. I also added on the neck piece a wink to the Pharaonic period decorated with glass pieces that I bought in Cairo.
Polymer ceramic and swarosky glass

Hope you have liked the collection and looking forwardto her your comments, all the pieces where sold in the exhibition for 150€
and working at the moment in some pieces that have been ordered in comission.

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