SECO-SECO by Ana Seco... Canary nature, silk scarves collection.

June 2013
 I   presented my first silk scarves collection:” Canary Nature”. Inspired on the Canary Islands flora and fauna. This is a project in which I have been working for a while even though I have the idea for much longer than a while….actually, ever since I started painting some 30 years ago; I have represented the flora and fauna of the Canary Islands in very many artworks. I have also worked on fashion for 20 years and finally I have decided to unite both my passions and create a fashion collection using as base and reference the paintings that I have done of the Canary Nature….
 The begginings were difficult becouse together with a partner we conceved a much larger project which involved several collections with different lines and worked really hard towards that goal. But reality cached up with us and the realization that with my nomad life style and the amount of work that the project required it was going to be impossible to create a profitable business with all its requirements....We dropped the idea and almost one year  latter a happy coincidence made me retake some of the designs that I created for the initial project. I intend to keep it small and simple, with just silk scarves for the moment to be able to continue working in all my other projects, name it painting and cooperation as well as keeping up with my husband all around the world. 
Hope you like it.     
Canary Nature, flora and fauna from the Canary islands. 

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