As a part of the exhibition I created some ceramic necklaces inspired in different countries where I have studied the representation of the cross.

The first one is inspired on the Canary Islands “pintaderas”, those are small reliefs created in wood or clay which were used by the inhabitants of the islands previous to their conquest by Spain, we are talking before the discovery of America so more than 500 years ago…There is great mystery surrounding these symbols, since its not clear what they where really used for. Some think to mark their territory, their belongings or even to mark their body as some kind of tattoo decorations…
Canary island pintadera .
In any case, some of them had cross shapes as those you can see here, it is thought they were interpreting the shape of the sun and the stars…
The piece I created inspired in them was made with polymer ceramic, and semi- precious stones..

The next piece its inspire don the Ethiopian crosses, from them I have taken their geometric style and complicated structure . The inspiration comes from” La Libela”, a very outstanding area of Ethiopia where they have 11 churches built on the rock from the XI century These constructions form part of the world heritage..
La Libela World heritage, visited in 2006

Detail fo one of the 11 churches carved in the rock in LaLibela, Ethiopia
On the piece I created I have used Ceramic with some metallic color to hint at the colorful Ethiopian culture…
Polymer ceramic and semi-pretious stones

For the creation of the Dominican Republic piece I used as inspiration the drawings of the Tahinos tribes who inhabited the Caribbean Islands pervious to the conquest of the Americas.
There remains hundreds of interesting writings and drawings on caves where the Cross symbol is also present in many different versions..
Modern interpretation of the Tahinos cave paintings in Domenican republic.

This piece is created in ceramic and colored nacre which emphasizes the Caribbean temperament and culture.

The jewelry inspired in Egypt tries to show the sophistication and baroque style of the Copt churches decorations and its multiple color mosaics. These images belong to the hanging church in an emblematic area of Cairo called Coptic Cairo where centuries old churches pack together in a fantastic neighborhood worth seen
Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo, built on top of the ancient Babylonia wall

Glass work of the Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo.

These piece is created in ceramic, macramé and Swarosky glass. I also added on the neck piece a wink to the Pharaonic period decorated with glass pieces that I bought in Cairo.
Polymer ceramic and swarosky glass

Hope you have liked the collection and looking forwardto her your comments, all the pieces where sold in the exhibition for 150€
and working at the moment in some pieces that have been ordered in comission.

SECO-SECO by Ana Seco... Canary nature, silk scarves collection.

June 2013
 I   presented my first silk scarves collection:” Canary Nature”. Inspired on the Canary Islands flora and fauna. This is a project in which I have been working for a while even though I have the idea for much longer than a while….actually, ever since I started painting some 30 years ago; I have represented the flora and fauna of the Canary Islands in very many artworks. I have also worked on fashion for 20 years and finally I have decided to unite both my passions and create a fashion collection using as base and reference the paintings that I have done of the Canary Nature….
 The begginings were difficult becouse together with a partner we conceved a much larger project which involved several collections with different lines and worked really hard towards that goal. But reality cached up with us and the realization that with my nomad life style and the amount of work that the project required it was going to be impossible to create a profitable business with all its requirements....We dropped the idea and almost one year  latter a happy coincidence made me retake some of the designs that I created for the initial project. I intend to keep it small and simple, with just silk scarves for the moment to be able to continue working in all my other projects, name it painting and cooperation as well as keeping up with my husband all around the world. 
Hope you like it.     
Canary Nature, flora and fauna from the Canary islands. 

Fashion Recyle workshop participant.
.Its been three years since this wonderfull project .It was developed in Cairo and  involved almost 70 Egyptian designers, photographers and makeup artists...3 workshops in :Fashion recycle, photography and make up. Instructed by myself, RoMa Gonzalez for Photography and Adolfo Martin in Make up.
We worked hard for months learning how to treat and recreate disposable materials...The result couldn´t have been  better...The fashion show that closed the project was attended by more than a thousand people....

Video about the workshops, click here

working on the fashion Recycle workshop

Gaudi collectioncreated by Mona Lotfy and Randa Hagag.
Collection inspired by Miró and created by Sara Said and Salma El- Baradie.

Fashio recycle fashion show. Collection based on Tapies, created by Enas Abo Elkomsan  and Walaa Ashraf 

Collection inspired by Carlos Saura, created by Eslam Hamed and Noha Adel.

Collection based in Pablo Picasso, a collection created by Reham Essam.

Collection inspired by Dali, created by Hanna Bard and Peri Abou Sied.
Francisco de Goya colecction created by Noha Hesham

Collection based on Velazquez, created by Mai Magdy and Sherine Abdel Rassoul.

Here you have the videos for the fashion show, 7 min each and you will like them.....CLICK BELOW TO SEE THEM.



To create these collections we conducted an interesting reasearch on the origings and development of the Egyptian Kjaiameia fabrics. Our investigation took us to Kjiameia street in the neighbourhood of Jkan el Jkalili,the famouse street market, The street is  lined up with countless  workshops where young and old artisans create the hand- made kjaiameia fabrics using patchwork techniques. We also discover  that this craft is centuries old and its origins are found on the interior designs of the desert nomad tribes tents.
Head band Hand made in Polymer clay, , semiprecious stones and feathers

The Fabrics we used for our inspiration are the commercial version of the original patchwork ones. They are widely used in Egypt for decoration specially during festivities, they also build tents for celebrations in the middle of the city. They can be in  cotton or polyester and in vivid bright colours.                          For my collection I extracted the arabesque motifs of the fabrics reproducing them in polymer clay that I after painted and barnished by hand.With each design I created necklaces, earings, bracelets, brooches and hairbands.I also used pieces of the fabrics to add the color and the texture of the Egyptian textiles, in some cases I created fringes with it. The stones and glass pieces have been bought both in Cairo and Istambul where I also bought some of the metal hanging pieces with shapes as the fatimid hand.

Heart collection: Necklaceheartshape earings:45€.
Simple earing20€ (stone and fabric)
 Colección corazón azul. Collar: 80€.Pendientes corazón:45€.
Pendienes simples:20€.

  Long blue necklace: 95€. bracelet:39€,earings 45€.
Collar largo azul:95€.pulsera 49€,pendientes 45€


Green collection: Long necklace 95€.Bracelet.39€Silver earings: 19€
  orderes at . pedidos
 Colección verde: collar largo 95€. Pulsera:39€.Pendientes de plata:19€. Diadem 29€. Broche 28€
Red 1 collection: Necklace: 89€. Bracelets 39€. Earings 45€. headband 29€
Colección Rojo 1: Collar: 89€. Pulseras 39€. Pendientes 45€. Diadema 29€. Broche 29€
Red 2 collection: Necklace 89€.Earings: 25€. Broche 29€
orders at :
Colección roja 2: Collar 89€.Pendientes 25€. Broches 29€
Butterfly collection: Necklace: 29€. Earings: 29€. Broche: 29€
orders at Pedidos: 2 weeks delivery
Colección Mariposas: Collar: 29€. pendientes 29€. Broche: 29€
Cooper collection: Long necklace 89€. Hoop necklace 29€.Earings. 29€.Broche 29€
Orders.Pedidos: 2 weeks delivery
Colección cobre: Collar largo 89€. Collar de argolla: 29€. pendientes29€. Broche:29€
Cooper collection. hoop necklace: 29€. Colección cobre. collar de rgolla: 29€
Safety pin brooches 29€. Normal broches 29€.
Broches de imperdible 29€, broches normales: 29€
Orders. Pedidos.
On May 2010 I met by chance at Townhouse gallery in Cairo the Danish designer Pia Busk. We became friends and together decided to create two accessories collections to be presente together and with a common Egyptian theme. The arabesques of the kjaiameia Egyptian fabrics........
We decided to present the resulting collections during the Copenhagen fashion festival, and here are the pictures of the fashion show....
Pia Busk created a wonderfull collection of hand made handbags and computer cases. I created jewelery and hair accessories using polymer clay, the kjaiameia fabrics and semipretious stones.

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