The tee shirt is a basic piece of garmet that everybody in any culture and counrty has, therefore is one of the most successful together with the jeans.Here you can find some pictures of the two tee-shirt collections that I have created and produced. I have designs a few more collections but have not been produced and marketed by me.

This collection was created to be sold on turist shops in the Canary Islands. They were sold through shops as El Corte Inglés and El Globo Multitiendas.


This second collection was design to be sold as the oficial Carnaval 2005 teeshirt, comisioned by the patry commision in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In 2010 I created and directed a project called Uncoverd in Cairo, I did this in collaboration with Mayada Said from Darb1718 contemporary art gallery and the finantial suport of the Spanish Embasy in Cairo.
The project consisted on 3 workshops, a fashion show, a photography exhibition and an art exhibition.It had the perticipation of arround 50 Egyptian students, and a record of attendance to the fashion show with arround 1000 people.
Here you have some of my own fashion recycled works, I will enter also the work of the students on another post, as well as the video of the fashion show.

The decoration of this bag was made with paper stiffened with varnish to asure durability

The plastic bottles can be used on a wide range of ways that you will see now, from this earings created with curtain hooks to tee shirts, broches and so on, it requires some special tretments and tools, all to be found at home.

Need a new outfit for tonights party?Decorated with plastic bottle pieces, it has been maschine problem

This broche can be used on a variety of ways.

With supermarket plastic bags and some manipulating techniques its easy to create any kind of decoration .

Tee-shirt decorated with pieces of rugs.

Finally the most obvious, painting on all of those items that are spoiled old or simly boaring.

This collection was made in "tandem" with African American hat designer ETU during my years in New York.The main media used in this collection is polymer clay.

This collection was created with several different types of ceramic and a great deal of experimentation with painting, varnishes and finishing techniques. Each piece is hand mounted and painted.

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